Caskey's JackFlash JRTs is a small kennel located in beautiful Virginia Beach, Virginia. Currently we have four Jack Russells warming our beds and firmly entrenched in our hearts. We got our first Jack Russell 3 years ago and quickly learned one was not enough. Our first Jack was a rescue we named Princess Shy Anne. We learned about the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America and we recorded Anne with the club. After joining the JRTCA we found out there was so much to learn about our favorite breed. We did our homework and were able to acquire our three registered dogs from established JRTCA breeders here in Virginia.

Part of doing our homework was deciding what type of Jack Russell we wanted to breed when the time was right. Our stud dog and our foundation bitches are young yet so for right now we are concentrating on helping them grow up right as well-behaved family members and showing them as often as possible to different judges to make sure that they deserve to be bred and pass on superior genetics.

As members of the JRTCA we are signatories to the JRTCA Breeder's Code of Ethics which you can see here. We take these ethics seriously and when we proudly offer our first litter for sale they will come with a four generation pedigree, a signed Stud Certificate, and health guaranty. We will breed our girls responsibly and only when we want to keep a puppy for ourselves so we will not be advertising puppies all year long. If you like what you see, and would like more information about our dogs' pedigrees, please contact us.

They say there is no one as devoted as a recent convert and that's certainly true with us and our love for Jacks! With Princess Shy Anne at our side we quickly became involved with local terrier trials put on by the Virginia Jack Russell Terrier Club. We loved meeting fellow terrier enthusiasts and watching these high energy dogs race, do go-to-ground, super earth and agility tests. Participating as both exhibitors and volunteering at the fun days and trials, Ivy became so involved that she stepped on to the VJRTC Board of Directors when someone had to step down. You can find out all about the VJRTC here.

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